IMPACT Assessment Manager
Maiduguri, Nigeria
39d ago

Position profile

Under the functional supervision of the IMPACT Country Focal Point in Nigeria and of IMPACT’s HQ in

Geneva, the Assessment Manager is responsible for the management of all REACH research cycles in

Nigeria, including implementation, resource mobilization and management, partnership framework,

dissemination and evaluation. He / she directly supervises all Assessment staff and plays a key role in the

development and implementation of REACH strategy in Nigeria.


In coordination with the IMPACT Country Focal Point, the Assessment Manager is responsible for (1) the

overall management of REACH research cycles, (2) for the management of the Assessment team, and plays a

key role in (3) external relation and (4) the development and implementation of REACH strategy in Nigeria.

More specifically :

1. Management of all Research Cycles

1.1 Assessment Preparation and Planning :

  • Ensuring that all assessments are planned in line with relevant project and program objectives and with REACH’s research cycle and other relevant guidelines;
  • Ensure that ToRs are understood and used by assessment staff and stakeholders, and updated as required; Compose and construct, in close coordination with GIS and data management team, qualitative and quantitative data collection tools;
  • ensure engagement with GIS teams on GIS requirements of research cycle / assessment;
  • Keep track of progress and delays of all assigned assessment throughout the research cycle. Ensure that delays or identified challenges for specific assessments are reported in writing and orally in a timely manner;
  • Ensure relevant stakeholders and partners are engaged in assessment design and planning.
  • 1.2 Data collection and management

  • Ensure that required enumerators are identified and trained for primary data collection;
  • Monitor data collection, ensuring its correct implementation in line with agreed TORs;
  • Ensure that IMPACT Country Focal Point and IMPACT HQ are alerted to any issues that prevents full implementation of the methodology in line with the agreed TORs;
  • ensure that all changes to the methodology are documented throughout implementation;
  • Ensure logistics, financial, administration, security and HR processes directly related to REACH have been appropriately implemented and coordinated with the relevant ACTED departments;
  • Ensure regular situation updates on data collection have been produced and circulated to relevant REACH, ACTED and external counterparts.
  • Provide support and follow up on identified challenges during the data collection process.

    1.3 Product drafting

  • Ensure the drafting of timely and accurate assessment outputs (i.e. reports, factsheets, etc.), which comply with IMPACT’s guidelines and quality standards;
  • Review all products before they are sent to IMPACT HQ for validation.
  • 1.4 Product dissemination and evaluation

  • Under the direction of the IMPACT Country Focal Point, engage in the dissemination of research products, including through articles, IMPACT social media contents, targeted e-
  • mails, presentations, meetings, etc, in line with IMPACT Dissemination and External Communication Guidelines and Research ToRs;
  • Ensure that lessons learned are gathered and documented at the end of each research cycle.
  • 2. Management of Assessment Team

  • Conduct regular meeting with all international and senior national Assessment Team members to assess progress in all research cycles and to review work plan;
  • Bilateral management of international and senior national assessment team members, including (in consultation with IMPACT country focal point) the conduct of appraisals, as well as participation in staff career management;
  • In coordination with Country Focal Point, conduct induction for new staff members, including training i basic technical competencies for assessment design, implementation and analysis;
  • When relevant, support Country Focal Point in staff appraisal and recruitment process.
  • 3. External relations

  • In coordination with the IMPACT Country Focal Point, ensure that relevant partners are consulted and involved at all stages of research cycle : the preparation of the assessment;
  • data collection; data analysis; review of research products; product dissemination; and lessons learnt; ensure that partner engagement is documented;
  • In coordination with the IMPACT Country Focal Point, present research findings to relevant third parties, to enhance their use and impact;
  • Ensure that external communications with partners and key stakeholders, including relevant UN agencies, local and national government, and NGOs has been conducted and documented as appropriate;
  • Support the IMPACT Country Focal Point in external engagement in relation to REACH strategy or (when requested and with focal point) to fundraising and grants management.
  • 4. Strategy Development and Implementation. In support to the IMPACT Country focal Point, the Assessment Manager will actively contribute to the development of the REACH strategy in Nigeria.

    Inparticular s / he will support in identifying and concretising :

  • The need for assessments, in line with humanitarian priorities;
  • Synergies with other assessment and knowledge management actors;
  • Strategic partnerships with key humanitarian stakeholders and decision makers;
  • Key events / milestones that should be informed;
  • Advocacy and dissemination strategies to strengthen the impact of our work;
  • Support in the preparation and follow up of country level internal strategic workshops and plans;
  • Engagement with IMPACT HQ in global level strategic priorities.
  • 5. Others

  • Support the IMPACT Country Focal Point in drafting of relevant project narrative and financial reports;
  • Maintain an oversight of budget availability and expenditure for assessment activities for which s / he is
  • Qualifications

  • Excellent academic qualifications, including a Master degree in relevant discipline;
  • At least 3 year of relevant working experience in humanitarian settings such as research, evaluation, assessments and programmes;
  • Field / humanitarian experiences needed, in monitoring and evaluation, NGOs, or other similar relevant sector;
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting;
  • Excellent team management skills;
  • Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;
  • Past experience in the region is desirable;
  • Fluency in English required;
  • Ability to operate with Microsoft Word, Excel and Project Management Software;
  • Ability to work independently and manage people remotely.
  • Conditions

  • Salary defined by the IMPACT salary grid; educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and performance are considered for pay bonus
  • Additional monthly living allowance
  • Free food and lodging provided at the organisation’s guesthouse / or housing allowance (depending oncontract length and country of assignment)
  • Transportation costs covered, including additional return ticket + luggage allowance
  • Provision of medical, life, and repatriation insurance + retirement package
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