Chief Financial Officer - Expatriate
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Job description

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will prepare, develop and analyse key financial information to ensure that an organisation’s management makes well-

informed decisions to ensure future stability, growth and profitability. He will establish financial policies and management information systems and maintain accurate and complete financial records.

He will also provide a high quality support service by liaising with management colleagues on all aspects of finance. The role combines accounting skills with business management skills.


  • Preparing periodic financial statements, including profit and loss accounts, budgets, cash flows, variance analysis and commentaries
  • Providing a support service by working with all departments and the management team to help make financial decisions
  • Review the financial data and information, update it, to identify inconsistencies and take remedial actions and to provide assistance to direct the operation of financial activities
  • Ensure timely reconciliation of all accounts, to verify its accuracy by tracking and monitoring the financial records, etc.
  • Monitor the debtors and ensure that collections are consistent within the given time limit
  • Prepare accurate monthly and yearly reports, to provide assistance in directing the coordination and preparation of annual budgets, and to ensure that the approved budget has been adhered to, to communicate the variations in budget to the management, and communicate inconsistencies in the budget
  • Ensuring spending is kept in line with the budget
  • Informing key strategic decisions and formulating business strategies
  • Advising on the financial implications and consequences of business decisions
  • Analysing financial performance and so contributing to medium and long term business planning / forecasts
  • Negotiating on major projects, loans and grants
  • Offering professional judgement on financial matters and advising on ways of improving business performance
  • Interpreting and communicating financial data to non-financial managers
  • Liaising with other function managers to put the finances and accounts in context
  • Monitoring and evaluating financial information systems and suggesting improvements where needed
  • Implementing corporate governance procedures, risk management and internal controls
  • Delegate the tasks to the junior staff persons, to train and mentor them by identifying the skills and training gaps, to be involved in communicating the staffing needs, hiring, and terminating the staff members whenever there is a requirement
  • Collate all the relevant financial information like expenses, liabilities, revenues, assets, etc. and documentation that would ensure readiness and fast execution of the relevant financial activities
  • Recommend potential business acquisition proposals and assists the organisation to make intelligent business and financial related decisions
  • Manage the day to day accounting activities by ensuring adherence to the organisational rules and regulations and statutory compliance
  • Expectations

  • Candidate should be a Certified Management Accountant
  • 10+ years of progressively financial responsibility
  • At least 5 years of experience as CFO / Finance Director in a multinational FMCG or specialty chemical company
  • Previous work experience in Nigeria will be a plus
  • Excellent written and oral English
  • Complete mastery on accounting theories and principles
  • Candidate must be comfortable with handling complex computations and huge numerical data
  • Ability to manage and prioritise work according to requirements
  • Effective leadership and communication skills
  • Excellent planning, analytical and time management skills
  • Attractive expatriate package

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