Instrumentation Technician
29d ago

Job description

  • To ensure safety of commissioning activities on yard and on site, by performing activities in respect with Company standing instruction and Work Permit instructions.
  • To ensure that the work identified in the work permit is performed according to company specification
  • Commissioning execution

  • Performs on site the commissioning operations (test and check sheets ).
  • Ensures that the Company’s HSE regulations are respected (especially procedures related to Work Permits)
  • Witnessing of contractor pre-commissioning activities as defined by the supervisor.
  • Raise and clear punch List items
  • Report any non-conformity to his Supervisor
  • Reporting and progress follow up

  • Report daily activities to the supervisor
  • Expectations

  • Minimum Qualification : Technician
  • Education Level : High school or Higher National Diploma or Certificate
  • Experience : 2-5 years in a similar position
  • Mandatory Competences :

  • English / Commissioning / Instrumentation & Loop testing / Instrument tools : HART communicator , Druck pump
  • Recommended Competences :
  • Petroleum : Have a basic understanding of facilities / process (from well to export). Be knowledgeable of hydrocarbons behaviour and associated risks (explosion, asphyxia ).
  • Computer : Be able to produce a report using Microsoft Word; be able to perform simple calculation with Microsoft Excel.
  • Have been introduced to the use of the internet and e-mails.

  • Physics : Understanding and use of basic laws and units of physic (temperature, pressure, volume, density; specific gravity ).
  • Engineering :

  • Be able to read and use drawings (P&ID’s, ESD matrix and loop diagrams), vendor documents, name plate, datasheets. Be knowledgeable of instrument symbols.
  • Understand regulation principles and be able to analyse them (differentiation in between cascade, split range, simple).
  • Have a basic understanding of PCS, F&G, and ESD systems. Understand inhibit, alarm and trip concepts.
  • Equipment :

  • Understand working principle of basic instruments : level and interface level transmitters, thermocouples, manometers, vibration probes, metering devices (orifice plate, coriolis, turbine, volumetric)
  • Understand manual and automatic valves (including PSV) principle and command (positioner ).
  • Be familiar with all types of F&G detection (fusible loop, UV / IR, gas, smoke);
  • Know how to select and use the necessary hand tools.
  • Correct use and handling of tubing, compression fittings, gaskets, O rings, cable glands
  • Correct use and handling of multimeters, calibration unit, hydraulic pumps, temperature bath, smart calibrator.
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